ACCIONA is a global leader in sustainable solutions for infrastructure and renewable energy projects. Since establishing a presence in Australia in 2002, ACCIONA has invested more than AUD$1 billion through local investment opportunities and project development.

At ACCIONA, we are committed to sustainability and innovation. We focus on renewable energy, infrastructure and water treatment so the generations of tomorrow will have a better life.
- Start your career with a global leader
- Benefit from a hands on interactive training program
- Seize your chance for early selection into our Graduate Program for 2021.
Applications are now open for our 2019 Academy that will take place from 25-29 November 2019 at our Melbourne head office.

The Academy is a high-level interactive training experience for Engineering (or related) students in their penultimate year of study. It provides participants with an unparalleled experience working in a professional environment with access to leading global and local mentors.

You will participate in an intensive week-long program where you will discover how a global company operates whilst learning about leadership, and the most effective ways to present ideas, and implement initiatives.

You have the opportunity to be part of a select team to apply your knowledge to interactive case studies, visit project sites and join training sessions facilitated by ACCIONA’s very own industry experts.

We are looking for people with high potential, strong teamwork skills and the motivation to develop and grow. If this is your profile, we want you to join us for Business As Un usual!

Applications close at the end of August 2019 and must include a cover letter highlighting why you would like to be part of the Academy, and are subject to online assessments.

ACCIONA is a global company with a business model based on sustainability. Its aim is to respond to society’s main needs through the provision of renewable energy, infrastructure, water and services.


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