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ACCIONA, in its Agua business, is looking for a Cost Control Manager to be part of the Laguna Lake project.

The mission of a Cost Control and Planning Manager is to focus in ensure the feasibility in the forecast of margins during the execution of the project, through the analysis of the costs pending to be incurred as well as the monitoring of the risks and opportunities detected in the project. In the same order, in the event of deviations, the porpoise is to detect them in time to propose and follow-up on the necessary measures that may mitigate their economic impact.

Additionally, she/he should be able to monitor the time schedule and to have an overall view of the project progress, identifying risk in both time and cost.

The Cost Control and Planning Manager will be the responsible on site of the Project Controls department and will supervise a team of 3 to 5 people with different background and nationalities.

Job Description


  • Manage the Cost Control and planning department.

  • Direction of schedule development, maintenance, monitoring, impact identification and recovery plan development activities on Projects.

  • Develop and maintenance of cost control procedures for the project.

  • Development of policies, objectives and standards applicable to cost and schedule control at both business and Project level.

  • Develop the CBS of the project in conjunction with the managers of the different areas.

  • Establish a cost baseline (“0” Budget) for measuring project performance.

  • Managing the cost engineering, procurement and construction of the project.

  • Participate with the Project Director to define the cost Project objectives.

  • Ensure that the project cost objectives are meet.

  • Controlling the rates and cost of the materials and labour.

  • Update the official budget and subsequent revisions of the budget in the project control system.

  • Supervise the Planning and reporting activities

  • Interact with the project teams, especially with procurement, production, financial and engineering.

  • Monitor cost performance to detect and understand variances from plan.

  • Control, track and follow-up on subcontractor costs, actual progress, certifications, schedule, delays and variations (if any)

  • Prepare unit prices, along with the construction & purchasing team, in accordance to the needs of the project, subcontracts and related matters.

  • Calculate an EAC (Estimate at Completion) as a forecast of most likely total project costs.

  • Ensure that the final changes are accurately record in the cost baseline.

  • Analyse deviations and corrective actions proposed in conjunction with area managers.

  • Proactively identify and recommend solutions to improve processes.

  • Provide ‘Early Warning’ notifications as issues arise.

  • Monthly provide to the Financial Department the information required to guarantee the update of the Cash Flow (CF).

  • Control Operational Reserves and Contingencies.

  • Provision of guidance and support to construction teams; including reporting structures and requirements, forecasting, timetable guidance, transparency.

  • Update personnel schedules in terms of costs.

  • Prepare according to the company's calendar, the Project forecasts regarding Billing, Production and margin, based on the current Planning program.

  • Monitor that all costs are record in the system and in the correct activity.

  • Coordination with the accounts payable manager that all the provisions are on the system on time.

  • Compare production with progress.

  • Control and record Payment Claims and Change Orders.

  • Promote teamwork, maintaining and promoting collaboration among the different areas of the project.

  • Search out the “whys” of both positive and negative variances.

  • Ensure the confidentiality of the data, communicating if there is any problem for compliance.

  • Assist in the development of the management processes to identify and evaluate business areas risks and risk and control self-assessments.

  • Management of cost transfers.

  • Monitoring and control the project risks and opportunities.

  • Control the performance rates of the Project through Earned Value in terms of costs.

  • Preparation of integrated reports on schedule and cost including development of Key Performance Indicators, Critical path monitoring and trend analysis.

  • Schedule and Cost Control advice to Operations Directors, Project Directors and project teams.

  • Trend analysis and delay recovery identification.

  • Overseeing, directing and supporting the project control and schedule teams to ensure

  • Reporting to the Project Director and Madrid Head Office on the cost and schedule progress (timely and accurate preparation).

  • Send analysis report to Project Director for the Steering Committee.

Required Skills and Competencies


  • Bachelor´s Degree: Engineering (preferably Civil Engineer and Mechanical Engineer)

  • At least 8/9 years in cost control on Site Experience

  • At least 2/3 previous project experience

  • Hybrid profile focused on cost control but also with planning knowledge.

  • Reliable, well organized and disciplined.

  • Highly focused and committed to achieving results, able to develop and maintain solid working relationship at all level.

  • Ability to effectively lead and communicate with entire project.

  • Team Ability to facilitate project meetings.

  • Able to foster outstanding customer service and positive client relationships.

  • Analytical Ability, Initiative, Innovation and creativity.

  • Team building, willingness, adaptability and flexibility to change.

  • Self-motivation for learning, independence and decision-making.

  • Delegation, Personnel Management and development.

  • Results-oriented, customer-oriented, persuasion and negotiation

  • Demonstrated ability to manage through influence at all levels inside the organization.

  • Leadership in meetings.

  • Able to handle intercultural teams.

  • To take into account SEO knowledge, Good knowledge of Office software, especially in Excel and other cost control software.

    Knowledge of Primavera P6

  • High level of English. C1 degree or similar (Complete professional competence)

We are an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to diversity. All individuals, regardless of personal characteristics, are encouraged to apply.

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